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We have websites that are already ranking on page 1 of Google that will become yours right away.

It has already been designed and optimized for your location and your legal services

It is already generating Hits and Traffic

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About Us

Ranked and Ready Lawyer Internet Marketing

Located in Sydney, Ranked & Ready law marketing solely collaborates with law firms around various parts of Australia

We provide services to law firms that are in need of an aggressive and effective approach to promoting their professional practice through the internet. Ranked & Ready is a master in search engine optimization (SEO), which involves the process of supporting a website and enhancing its exposure or existence on various search engines for a particular search keyword.

With an effective SEO provider backing up the law firm, the sales and profits of your business can be significantly increased as you gain new clients.

Our experience shows that if a business’ website doesn’t emerge on the first page for the actual terms that are being searched, which is known as search engine results page (SERP), then chances are that the website will not be found at all.

Law firms that appear on the first page or in the top rankings of Google are capable of producing fresh leads and prospects from their business sites on a regular or day-to-day basis. If you wish to gain exposure on the web, we can greatly help you achieve this goal.

What makes Ranked and Ready Lawyer Internet Marketing exclusive is their ability to put their clients on the top of Google’s search engine results pages for the most competitive keywords on the internet?

Going further into search engine optimization for law firms, Ranked & Ready also provides web designing services for law-related businesses. Our goal is designing a website that can grab people’s attention and make it visually appealing for its visitors. Furthermore, the designing capabilities we have enable you to enjoy an exclusive layout that is significantly superior to your competitors sites. It is critical that firms realize potential clients browse up to five law firm sites before choosing one.

The more professional looking the site’s design is, the more likely you are to maintain your readers. Additionally, the company provides writing services that assist in conversion of the site’s visitors into paying customers.

The company also provides law firm video generation, blogging and pay-per-click campaigns.

Why Us?

Ranked and Ready Lawyer Internet Marketing: We’re not a large corporate lawyer marketing firm that treats you like a number.

Sales representatives often over promise yet under deliver. Clients regularly come to us having had bad experiences working with them.

One way we separate ourselves from the competition is by using a performance based agreement. If you don’t like the way we’re performing and you’re not getting the results we talked about, you get to walk away.

Once we decide to work together you’ll work closely with your project manager, someone that you’ll have access to 24/7.

We pride ourselves on customer service, therefore we assign our clients to the same project manager the duration of their campaign.

Here’s what else we believe in:

Build trust through Accountability, Mobility & Customer Service to develop long term relationships.Accountability- Performance based agreements to hold us accountable for our work.Mobility- Allow for quarterly reviews of current campaign to adjust as needed for changes in the marketplace or budget.Customer Service-1 project manager throughout campaign.

Give us a call today. Allow us to conduct an internet marketing analysis and show you ways to improve your current campaign.

OUR SPECIALTIES Ranked and Ready Lawyer Internet Marketing

Geographic Exclusivity

Google Places

Video SEO

Law Firm Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

Lawyer Marketing

Instant Page 1 of Google

Professional Video Production

Content Writing

Pay Per Click Solutions

Website Maintenance

Content Management Systems

Call Tracking


Client Conversion Strategy

Pre-ranked Websites

We have pre-ranked websites ready for you to take over. You probably have other website companies selling you on a promise that they’ll get you on the first page of Google at some point. It may take 5-7 months, sometimes longer. We have websites that are already ranking on page 1 of Google that will become yours right away. It has already been designed and optimized for your location, practice area and keywords. It’s like a brand new house just waiting for you to move all your stuff in. We’ll customize it to your liking and make it personalized by adding pictures, videos, testimonials, etc. 80% of people don’t go past the first page of Google. You will start getting qualified leads right away, paying off your investment in no time. If you already have a website we can optimize it along with the pre-ranked website to achieve total page domination. We don’t do promises, we do guarantees. These sites are first come, first serve. Please give us a call today.

Geographic Exclusivity

One great advantage of working with Ranked and Ready Lawyer Internet Marketing is that we offer exclusivity. This means we only work with one client for a specific geography and area of practice. We don’t cannibalize our business!

Google Places

Recent changes by Google have put more emphasis on Google Places than ever before. We can set you up with a Google Places profile that is guaranteed to get you qualified leads. We optimize your profile to give the visitors a reason to engage with you. We do this through a combination of testimonials, videos and our secret coding sauce! Your firm listing will be on page 1 of Google Places along with your firm being on the first page under the organic results. Use us for Pay per Click and you could absolutely dominate the first page of Google. There are only around 20-25 listings on page 1 of Google and by coming up three times, potential clients will see your name more often which will lead them to make their first and only needed contact with your firm.  Don’t let another firm take the clients you deserve.

Video SEO http://www.Ranked & Ready.com/video-seo

If you own a law firm you most likely have a website. Owning a website is the first step toward success with expanding your clientele base. However, in order to convince visitors to call your firm, your website must contain something compelling. While text can be acceptable and sometimes even good, you will want to incorporate the use of video. A video can give your customer a powerful first impression of your law firm. It can turn those words into exciting actions and interesting expressions. A video can also explain details of your services in such a way that compels the customer to call. Lawyer video marketing Beverly Hills can not only provide you with a high quality video, but we can help you to maximize its potential.

Who is Ranked & Ready Video SEO services?

We are an organization full of experts that can get you the best quality video for your law firm. We include you in every step of the process so you can see how we optimize the product to its highest potential. First, we will write a script for your video and send it to you for review. Then, we will shoot the video in high definition with the use of a teleprompter so you do not have to memorize a script. You will never have to put in any hard work to memorize your lines. After we produce the video, we will help to incorporate it into your website with video SEO for high visibility.

What can Ranked & Ready Video Marketing Do?

By using Ranked & Ready Video Marketing you will not be selling yourself short. We can help you to stand apart from the rest of the law firms. Lawyer Video Marketing Long Beach will give your website visitors a video they will not be able to turn off. We will produce high quality material for a reasonable price. If you do not yet have an authentic video for your law firm’s website, contact a representative at Ranked & Ready as soon as possible for an estimate.

Law Firm Web Design

Law Firm Web Design

Having a website is one of the most important and advantageous things to have for all entities. We understand that Law Firms in cities like Sydney and Melbourne get many of their clients as a result of referrals.

A recent study stated that 68% of those people will go to the internet to conduct further research about that referral.

We are a research society because of Google.

Future clients will find your website on Google and therefore, a website will help you gain exposure.  A law firm can be at a great advantage with a website. It will tell the people looking at it what you specialize in, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to qualify a customer.  The leads are pre-qualified because your website told them all they needed to know. By using a website a law firm will have the ability to get more clients and build their practice. They will also be able to create a favourable image to many people in their local community.

When putting together a website there are some key steps that must be followed. The first step is designing the site. Website design is the process of putting together the structure, formation and makeup of the site. When designing a website you will first need to get a domain name. The domain name is simply the name of the site and the address to type in to gain access to it. A domain name should be the title of the law firm or a name or title that relates to it. For example, it could be something like SydneyLawyer.com.au

After getting the domain name and web address you will then need to put together a template. A template is the background of the site. For a law firm it is a good idea to have a background that is related to the legal field. Things such as images of the firm owners, the firm’s office building or photos of a court or legal library are good images to use. You will also want to use a good colour scheme as well. Once you complete this step you will want to put together information such as services offered, about the firm and how to be contacted so prospective clients can learn about what the firm offers.

For the many law firms in various locales designing a good website is a very important part constructing the firm’s image. In locales such as southern California there are many firms in the various cities in this area. For law firms in cities such as Beverly Hills it is a good idea to have a professional web designer help put together a Beverly Hills lawyer website. Having a good Beverly hills lawyer website will help firms in this city get more clients. An Sydney lawyer website will be good for firms operating in the city of Sydney. Having a good Sydney lawyer website will enable firms in this city to have more exposure.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are a law firm looking for search engine optimization for your website, then you should use the services of Ranked & Ready. We specialize in search engine optimization for Lawyers in cities like Sydney, Albury or Suburbs like Brunswick / Parramatta

Search engine optimization for Lawyers is also referred to as Google optimization and SEO for law firms in general. The process of optimizing your site for search engines has now become too important to be left to a company that is not familiar with the legal profession.

When a person is looking for an Lawyer / Solicitor they will either ask a friend or go online to search for a lawyer. Certain words and phrases will be used by the search engine user. How well your website has been optimized for search engines will determine how high up in the search results your site will appear. The more visible your site is to a search engine the more new customers you will get. An SEO company can do research to find the best words to associate your site with and using special techniques, can get search engines to associate your site with these words. This has become the most important aspect of Internet marketing, and marketing in general because of the number of people who are now getting their information from the Internet.

With a specialist in law sites, keywords can be found and used effectively. These keywords will be those most likely used by Internet users looking for the services of the particular form of law that your firm is practicing along with the physical area you are practicing in. Using the wrong words is a waste of time and money. But if done properly your site will have the link displayed high in the first page of results. From here a prospective client may then follow the link to your site and will then be able to find all of the information they need. Quality content on your website for new prospective clients is an important complementary aspect to search engine optimization. Once your website gets the quality traffic needed for new business, it is up to you to make sure you can get them to contact your for an appointment. Ranked & Ready can help search engine optimization lawyer Beverly hills as well as search engine optimization lawyer Long Beach, Google optimization lawyer Sydney, with SEO website services and with other areas of Internet marketing to help bring in new clients.

Lawyer Marketing

Ranked & Ready is an integral part of the lawyer marketing services offered on the web. We serve clients nationwide and across the globe. Due to the high demands that come along with this niche, our team strives to provide professionalism and high quality services to all our clients. Every lawyer, regardless of his or her specialty should have a website that sends out a strong statement about the company’s operations to the prospective clients. The website should also be fine-tuned in a manner that it attracts high page rankings on the search engines with the aim of providing it with more exposure. Our company provides professional and expertise lawyer marketing services to assist the clients establish and maintain a strong online presence.

The approach we use is designed in a manner in which all the different aspects of the web design and marketing requirements of the lawyer’s website are met. Key areas of website creation such as content that is able to attract search engines, press releases, blogs, video marketing and pay per click administration are some of the areas that we strong emphasis on.

Once we take on a new job, we ensure that we are in close contact with the client by working with him or her in order to determine the appropriate keywords and phrases that should be utilized in the website. Our main goal is to create the most effective website for our clients. After analysing our client’s needs, we are able to determine other important details such as the target market and the geographical area of the target market.

We assign a team of marketing experts and individual representatives to your campaign team. The team focuses on attaining and maintaining high page rankings. The maintenance of the page rankings is very important. After being able to capture the client’s interest, we utilize aesthetic designs and professionalized web content for lead generation and sales conversion.

Our main goal is to improve on your ROI by utilizing our user friendly content management and tracking systems. Through our services, you can be sure of benefiting from the latest web marketing strategies that will greatly assist you in meeting your online objectives.

Those looking out for professional marketing services should look no further. We offer high quality professional services to all our clients. We strive to ensure that the relationship we develop with our clients is very professional and lasts for the longest time possible.

Instant Page 1 of Google

Pre-ranked Websites Ranked and Ready Lawyer Internet Marketing

We have pre-ranked websites ready for you to take over. You probably have other website companies selling you on a promise that they’ll get you on the first page of Google at some point. It may take 5-7 months, sometimes longer. We have websites that are already ranking on page 1 of Google that will become yours right away. It has already been designed and optimized for your location, practice area and keywords. It’s like a brand new house just waiting for you to move all your stuff in. We’ll customize it to your liking and make it personalized by adding pictures, videos, testimonials, etc. 80% of people don’t go past the first page of Google. You will start getting qualified leads right away, paying off your investment in no time. If you already have a website we can optimize it along with the pre-ranked website to achieve total page domination. We don’t do promises, we do guarantees. These sites are first come, first serve. Please give us a call today

Professional Video Production

Choose Ranked & Ready Design for the Farthest Reach

It is estimated that the average internet user only spends one minute browsing each webpage. Even the most attractive, aesthetically-designed with direct and appealing content will not do enough to capture the attention of the website user that is in a hurry to get information as quickly as possible to make decisions. One of the best ways in which you can reach those users is through the use of online video on your website.

Ranked & Ready Video Centre, a premier service by Ranked & Ready Design, allows Lawyer / Solicitors and paralegals to create videos of high quality that can be tailored to their websites for ease of use and integration. This new trend in marketing strategies allows our clients to capture website user’s interest while at the same time serve as a presentation tool where the user can form an impression about the legal professional’s expertise, knowledge and personality. This provides a more personal experience in which to base the decision to retain the legal professional.

The head of our video production team at Ranked & Ready Design has vast experience working with many TV networks in the filming of television programs. Through our Ranked & Ready Video Centre, clients will have access to the newest multimedia technologies that will provide an optimal online presence.

Ranked & Ready Video Centre is an extremely valuable resource that will allow Lawyer / Solicitors as well as many other professionals to:- Connect with potential clients in a new and more personal way.- Establish themselves as professionals with credible credentials.- Market the services they offer and show their expertise in their areas of practice.- Persuade viewers considering hiring an Lawyer / Solicitor to choose them and their law office as the best choice for representation.- Differentiate themselves from competitors and become more memorable in the minds of potential clients- Make a targeted and controlled first impression where you come across as personable, knowledgeable and someone they will want representing them.- Provide valuable information that can convince people undecided as to what professional to retain.- Expand your client base to groups of people that would be more difficult to reach through other means.

Content Writing

Make your website a top return on internet search engines by letting our team write your content. Our company specializes in composing written content and Websites for other law firms like Beverly Hills lawyer, Sydney lawyer, and Website lawyer Long Beach. Many companies are able to gain high search engine return ratings simply by saying the same things over and over. These keywords create a higher rating within the search engine, but are often difficult to read once a client follows the link. Often this marketing trick will gain you page views but cost you customers. You cannot gain a client’s trust with content that tells them nothing. Instead of key word rich content, we offer you compelling and informative content that will drive a potential client to make contact with you directly.

We learn about you and your company during an interview process through which we learn what types of cases your firm wants and perhaps more importantly, does not want. Through our interview process we learn about your firm’s strengths and what gives your firm the competitive edge over other firms. We use this information to create compelling content that is filled with valuable information. Our content not only tells the potential client who you are, it paints your firm in the best possible light. These factors combine to create successful website text that will not only rank high in search engine returns, but also with the clients who click on your search engine link.

Pay Per Click Solutions

Pay per click programs like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing are a form of search engine marketing which advertises for internet marketing Lawyer / Solicitor Beverly Hills on search engines. This type of marketing may be a faster and more efficient solution than search engine optimization for an internet marketing Lawyer / Solicitor Long Beach. Using Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing allows for instantaneous high visibility advertising on the search engines in a company for internet marketing Lawyer / Solicitor Beverly Hills. Additionally, using a PPC campaign can provide high value keyword data to help guide your internet marketing Lawyer / Solicitor Long Beach SEO in the correct direction. Even though search engine optimization has traditionally given better results, your firm may experience a higher quality advertising campaign if the website is brand new with a pay per click advertising marketing method. This can also be a good option if you are waiting for an internet marketing Lawyer / Solicitor Sydney SEO to take effect because a search engine optimization process can take a considerable amount of time to go into effect. Using a pay per click program campaign helps an internet marketing Lawyer / Solicitor Sydney client gain immediate visibility.

Search engine marketing services offered by us include:

• Keyword/Key phrase research• Management of Click Fraud• Management of Bids• Campaign arrangements

There is a professional Google Adwords employee on hand who can guarantee you get the absolute best return on your investment with marketing and help maximize your potential in generating new clients with marketing through Pay per Click.

Website Maintenance

The Importance of Website Maintenance

Having an online presence is very important especially when a business is trying to establish a competitive advantage. Something that is vital and yet easily overlooked is the need for ongoing website maintenance.

Some individuals believe that once their site is up and running they can focus on other activities. This behaviour could be detrimental to a business for a few reasons. If a site uses static content which means content that never changes it is wise to double check everything to ensure there are no typographical errors and the information is accurate. This ongoing checking of content is even more important if the website posts new content on an continual basis. It is very easy to get side-tracked and overlook a simple mistake.

Another very important reason to ensure there is ongoing website maintenance is the constantly changing requirements of search engine optimization. These major search engines change their ranking protocols on a regular basis and if the website does not adapt then it will not appear on the search engines. The bulk of online businesses get their clients from referrals off the major search engines, if the website does not appear then the company will start to lose sales.

With so much at stake a business owner will either need to take care of their website updates and maintenance on a regular basis or engage the services of a professional company that is able to meet those needs at a reasonable price.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

With the advancements in technology, businesses can take advantage of new innovations to enhance growth and development. In the recent past, it was difficult to come across a content management system that you would trust entirely for your business. Clients were forced to hire the services of developers which were costly and tedious. The content management systems have taken over the job of most developers which has brought out healthy competition.

A large percentage of the content management systems take care of specific uses such as Word Press which was designed especially for bloggers. It later offered support for other regular pages as the demand for content management systems grew. Plug in systems were also included so as to further add on to the functionality that was provided for the user.

With the content management system in place, the updates of the content and images are done very easily regardless of where you are. The advantage of such a system is that you are able to be in control of your website. By having the skills required for MS Word, it is simple to add in new content in your website from virtually anywhere.

The Ranked & Ready Content Management System is perfect for the job. When adding new content and editing images, this software is very user friendly and quick to use. It has a simple interface that makes navigation very easy. With this system in place, you can edit the company profile, results, news and articles at any time. Those looking at being free from their webmaster should call and order the Ranked & Ready Site Manager.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Every law firm wants to know how profitable its marketing efforts, websites and advertising campaigns have been. It can be expensive and time consuming to tabulate statistics manually on all incoming calls and sort out which calls came to which 800 numbers. Hand tallying calls makes it impossible to get real time results and will not provide you with a deeper understanding of the data necessary to make fast, data driven business decisions.

Ranked & Ready 800 call tracking software that solves all these problems by offering an efficient, quick and reliable solution to your 800 call tracking headaches.

When using Ranked & Ready 800 call tracking features, you can:

• Calculate average handle time. How long did your staff spend on each call, and what was the average time they spent as a group? These data points can be broken down by caller, by site, or by 800 number.• Track and monitor the number of abandoned calls. Are there enough staff members manning your phones? Do you need to add staff at certain times of the day due to lengthy wait times? Are you wasting your money over-staffing during times of low call volume?• Quickly tabulate a daily number of calls answered by 800 number, website, or other marketing campaign. How many calls does a specific 800 number bring to your door? Is a particular way of advertising more effective than other methods used by your business?

Take advantage of these great features and put yourself back into the driver’s seat of your 800 phone traffic by contacting Ranked & Ready Design.

With a unique 800 number, we can track where all of your calls are coming from. If we’re running multiple campaigns then we will assign a different number to each campaign. This will allow us to see where the leads are coming from and adjust our marketing dollars accordingly. These phone calls can be recorded so you can see what’s happening and how the calls are converting to clients or not. Call Ranked & Ready today for all your law firm marketing needs.


We provide you with the most detailed analytical reports you will find. Every keyword is tracked on a daily basis and search trends are analysed on a weekly basis. If we see a trend or a new topic come up that relates to your practice area, we will act immediately and optimize your site for those keywords. An example of this is the Reno Air Races crash that happened in October. We acted immediately for the clients we represent in Reno and optimized their site for “injury Lawyer / Solicitor Reno”. Within a couple of days this client was receiving inquiries from litigants. Here’s a snapshot of one of the reports you will receive:

Pre-Ranked Websites Ranked and Ready Lawyer Internet Marketing

Ranked & Ready finds, purchases, builds and ranks optimized websites that are designed specifically to generate highly-targeted, pre-qualified leads and new customers for local businesses.

Once we have a website that is pre-ranked (i.e. ranked on the first page of Google) for an important localized search phrase, we contact the appropriate local businesses and make the site available to one, and only one, company in the local area.

You can think of Ranked & Ready Pre-Ranked Websites like premium online advertising space.

Or a Huge billboard in the best position in your Area – set up and blank just waiting for your message and contact details

This is one of our most popular products, because by the time we contact you, we already have a site generating traffic from highly-targeted prospects. 

All we have to do is swap out our generic contact information for your business contact information… and presto! your business is immediately listed on page one of Google. And already generating Hits

But we don’t stop there.  Our goal is not Page 1, but one of the top 3 listings.

The top 5 listings are where all the action is.  So, we target the top 3.

So, as soon as we insert your business information on our site, we turn our attention to Google Places, Yahoo Local!, the Bing Business Portal, and the remainder of the Main Street marketing ecosystem

Here’s how it generally works

Ranked & Ready researches several niche markets in a local area.  Once promising markets are identified, we purchase one, or more, powerful domain names on which to build lead generation websites.

After we purchase the domain name(s), we immediately create a fully-functional website, including several pages and a blog.  We apply both on-page and off-page SEO-methods and let the website age and mature.

When the website inevitably achieves a first-page listing on Google, we make a list of candidate business owners.  We then contact them and offer premium advertising space on our pre-ranked website.

It’s a powerful solution for small businesses, because it can immediately start generating:

Highly targeted leads from your local area, andNew customers that walk through your door.

We try to make it an easy decision We offer you:

  1. No Risk ~ The sites already on page 1 of Google…
  2. No Delay ~ Your business can be on the first page of Google in less than 24-hours after you contract with us…
  3. No Long Term Contracts ~ We believe in flexibility, so everything we do is either a one-time fee and/or month-to-month contract without any penalties for termination…
  4. Exclusivity ~ As always, Ranked & Ready works with only ONE local business for each business category and geographic area combination.

As with all of our products and services, we typically reach out to businesses when we have opening. 

The bottom line is that we generally don’t actively recruit new clients online.

However, if you would like to explore Pre-Ranked websites in more detail for your business, please contact us here and fill out the form in as much detail as possible. 

We will review your ideas and get back to you with within one business day.

Thank you for your time and have a very prosperous 2013

George May: Managing Director. Sydney 12 / 12 / 12

  1. AFFORDABLE SOLUTION to Lead Generation

We deliver professional internet marketing services to Main Street, keeping the small business budget in mind.

* No large setup fees* No long-term contracts* No hidden charges

We do our best to eliminate your financial risk, while giving you an outstanding foundation upon which to build your Internet Marketing program.

Ranked and Ready Lawyer Internet Marketing